Software development in python, Go and rust

About me

My name is Lukas and I am the founder of my company typed;software. My passion is software development and I enjoy all areas of computer science.

I was born and currently live in Austria. I began writing websites are the age of 16 and didn't stop to learn since then. I studied for a master's degree in Computer Science at University of Technology, Graz. Afterwards I focused on my Mathematics studies at University of Graz and had the chance to go to Japan for 1 year. After this year, I founded my company.

Today, my company offers software development in python, golang and rust. I use python for scripting and fast prototyping. golang is perfect for devops, which merges the branch of software development and system administration. Finally, I use rust for low-level implementations, algorithm prototyping and higher performance implementations.

Lukas Prokop
Lukas Prokop (Photo by Daniel Hemetsberger at GLT14)

My current clients are focusing on devops and Machine Learning. I consult them and also implement software for them.

I enjoy to discuss, teach and learn about new technologies and methodologies. I often participate in local meetups among programmers to discuss new approaches, ideas and challenges. And at my workplace, I develop hand-crafted software for my customers. To me, it is very important to not only define the technicals details, but understand the actual business goal to meet.

If you need more personal details (languages, I speak, or organizations, I am involved in), please refer to my personal homepage.

My interests

I have interest in the following topics:

web applications server backend information management algorithm design data structures concurrency agile software development testing hash algorithms IT security data protection privacy scientific computing machine learning TensorFlow memorization SRS fundamentals of math file formats markup languages Unicode fonts OpenType PDF typesetting LaTeX


How can you reach me?

The easiest way is to send me an email to You can also ask me for my Austrian phone number by sending an informal request email.

Be aware that email communication is not encrypted and can be read by anyone. If you need confidentiality, use GnuPG encryption to encrypt content. My current key is 0x9B54D95F.


My workplace is located in Graz, Austria:

Scheigergasse 96/13
8010 Graz (Jakomini)
Austria / Österreich
UID ATU72793612