Software development in rust in Austria

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About me

My name is Lukas and I am the founder of my company typed;software. My passion is software development and I enjoy all areas of computer science.

My background (in more detail on my private website):

Oct 2017 – Oct 2019company period 1: software development with python and Go
Oct 2019 – Dec 2021unfinished PhD studies on post-quantum cryptography
Jun 2022 – …company period 2: digital typesetting with rust

Most recently, I want to focus on my passion for digital typesetting. I write code so you can easily generate your books, articles, reports, and documentation as part of the typho project. My long-term goal is to modernize the field of digital typesetting,

Lukas Prokop
Lukas Prokop (src)

I enjoy to discuss, teach and learn about new technologies and methodologies. I often participate in local meetups among programmers to discuss new approaches, ideas and challenges. And at my workplace, I develop hand-crafted software for my customers. To me, it is very important to not only define technicals details, but understand the actual business goal to meet.

My interests

I have interest in the following topics:

digital typesetting world wide web file formats writing systems markup languages Unicode HarfBuzz fonts OpenType TrueType Lua python Go rust xml-rs line breaking hyphenation algorithm design concurrency data structures scientific computing PDF 1.7 PDF 2.0 LaTeX plain TeX memorization SRS

How can you reach me?

The easiest way is to send me an email to business@lukas-prokop.at. You can also ask me for my Austrian phone number by sending an informal request email.


My workplace is located in Graz, Austria:

Jakob-Redtenbacher-Gasse 26/6
8010 Graz
Austria / Österreich

typed;software uses the following bank account: